Shopping for fabric….

I don’t think this needs any more comments:



Herbstkind Sew Along 2014- Part 3

Oh dear, missed the day again… Time just seems to fly.

Well, I have managed to cut out all the pieces on Wednesday. Just as I wanted to sit down to start sewing, I noticed that I need matching thread.

Yesterday, my day was full, so I need to get some thread sometime today so I can start sewing this weekend. Also I’d like some fancy stuff, like lace or something of that kind to up-cycle the coat. I will let myself get inspired in the store, seems to work most of the times with me… 🙂

This could prove to be a challenge, as the new Ken Follett-„Edge of Eternity“- was released yesterday and I really want to get started on the book. Priorities, priorities…how to set them… 🙂


I have been browsing some more and found a nice fabric at (they have everything you need for being creative!): 


I have decided that this will be THE fabric. All the other fabrics I have came across I did not like the colors, very dark grey’s and dark blue’s and other dark colors. Sometimes I really think people want to be depressed in autumn and winter if you look at the clothes (and fabrics) that designers come up with. 

Alas, I have chosen a bright pink (about the color of the light flowers on the fabric) for the coat lining, so that should also brighten things up a bit. This is what it should look like when it’s finished:

Fotocredit toscaminni

Fotocredit toscaminni

I will have a zip and not buttons and my sleeves will be different; I will try trumpet sleeves.

Now I have to wait for the fabric to arrive. The pattern arrived yesterday including a nice little workbook with tips and tricks. Can’t wait to get started! The weather here is shouting: WEAR A COAT!

Herbstkind 2014 „sew along“

Ok, so I know, I have been very inactive on this blog the past couple of months. Sorry. We will just put that behind us and go on from now. OK? 🙂

Yesterday, I was browsing through the web, looking for a sewing pattern for a coat like this one:



I found a cute website where one can order a pattern including downloads of different workshops „How to sew…“ Well, I thought, that would be worth a try, but I did not order (yet). In case you want to have a look:

So I browsed some more and suddenly found this site where they’re planning a „Herbstkind sew along“. Mmmh, I thought, I did a knit-along last February which actually was quite successful. So I gave it a good night’s sleep and here I am now with a made-up mind: I will take part in the sew along and will make a coat for Mireille. So I have now ordered the pattern and I will go fabric-shopping next week. Yeah, this will keep me going, I’m sure of it!

A rainy week

The weather has been quite miserable the last couple of days. Not a day without rain, which gave us the opportunity to get creative!

First, we built together my daughter’s new play kitchen from IKEA. She is really happy with it and immediately started „cooking“. That was an afternoon that went by very quickly.

Thursday, 1st May, was a day off for Severin, but I had to work in the morning, because we live in a different canton as to where I work. The school decided to have some conference on Friday, so Severin had the day off then, too. We went swimming on Thursday and on Friday morning, I had to go shopping. We normally go shopping in the next village. My mom informed me earlier this week, that a new yarn shop had opened in that village. Of course, I had to go and look. Taking the kids with me was not the best idea but no other option was available. So we entered a lovely little shop, very nicely decorated and, for once, a yarn shop that was not stuffed to the roof with yarn. A still small variety, but hey, they have just opened the shop and therefore that was OK with me. Mireille was taken in by the pink yarn which was stored at her height. Of course, I could not leave without buying something. As Mireille would not let go of two balls of cotton (pink and pale pink), we bought these. As of then, I had no idea what to do with them.

We went grocery shopping after that, and that is where the idea hit me. This is what I made (and still am making because I can’t stop):

2 Muffins and a strawberry with a little shopping bag

2 Muffins and a strawberry with a little shopping bag

Tomatoe and a croissant

Tomato and a croissant

My husband thinks I am addicted already…the internet is full of ideas for crocheted and knitted food!

Oh well, there made up so fast and Mireille thinks they are really fun. Everytime she wakes up, there is something new around…. 🙂 I am thinking of a Hamburger next…

Other projects are also going on. I am planning a water-fire feature in our front garden. It is a surprise for my husband. So last week, before the rain came, I dug a hole in the ground to make the basin fit.

What a jungle…

What a jungle…

It looks very messy at the moment, but I am working on it!!! Promise. I will inform you of the process made, as soon as the weather gets better.

Yesterday, Shirin spent the afternoon with us. One of the rare occasions, where, for over 6 hours, there was no crying nor any arguments. Despite having to be indoors, they played lovely all together. Then, after doing stuff upstairs, I suddenly heard the front door. Hmmm, what are they up to, I thought. Well, that was what I found when I came downstairs:

IMG_2286 IMG_2289

They had decided to make a picnic! After about ten minutes, it started to rain again and suddenly, when looking out of the window, I saw this:


Well, despite the rain, they had a lovely time. But we’d still like some sun sometime soon!